Sorrento Valley Eye Doctor Purchases New State Of The Art Diagnostics Equipment

December 03, 2015
Sorrento Valley Optometry (SVOC), based in San Diego, CA, is proud to announce that they have invested in new state of the art diagnostics equipment. These are the Topcon Medical CV-5000S Automated Vision Tester, KR-1 Auto Kerato-Refractometer and PC-50S LCD Chart that will enable them to deliver much improved optometry services for their clients. Marvin Weitzman MD, is a Sorrento Valley optometrist who is committed to delivering the highest quality treatment, and this equipment will enable them to do so.

“The three new machines we have purchased allow for more accurate and faster examination thanks to their computerized systems,” says Dr. Marvin Weitzman from Sorrento Valley Optometry. “We are leaders in the community with our use of technology, I want our clinic to always be ahead of the game, and this equipment enables us to do just that.”

Those who visit Dr. Weitzman at SVOC are able to benefit not just from the latest technology, but also from the many years of experience the doctor has. Throughout his lengthy career, he has been able to see all the different issues involved in eye health and by combining this lifetime of experience with the best digital tools enables him to deliver superior treatment to his patients.

“We also have an in-house lab where lenses are manufactured and fitted to the specifications of our patients,” adds Dr. Weitzman. “This enables us to deliver the quickest turn around and also to implement the most stringent quality standards and the ability to respond to our patients’ needs as quickly as possible.”

Other local eye doctors generally use external labs. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to truly manage quality in that way. By using an in-house lab, SVOC ensures that quality and satisfaction are greatly improved, and that complex production needs can be properly handled.

The Sorrento Valley eye exam clinic also accepts Flex dollars. This enables patients to purchase their glasses using money from their insurance plans – this is a reminder to spend your Flex Dollars before the end of the year . With same day appointments available, patients never have to wait long to have healthy, happy eyes.

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Articles from your San Diego Eye Doctor – Dr. Marvin Weitzman

Dr. Weitzman, O.D and the Sorrento Valley Optometry team look forward to addressing all of your eye care needs.  Take a look at just a few of the treatments and services The Sorrento Valley Optometry team specializes in:

Pink Eye

The term “pink eye” is often used to refer to any or all types of conjunctivitis, not just its acute, contagious form. If you have symptoms of or questions about pink eye please contact us.
The hallmark sign of pink eye is a pink or reddish appearance to the eye due to inflammation and dilation of conjunctival blood vessels. Depending on what type of conjunctivitis, other signs and symptoms may include a yellow or green mucous discharge, watery eyes, itchy eyes, sensitivity to light and eye pain.
For information on causes, treatment and prevention of Pink Eye click here or call us at (858) 558-0606.

Prescription Sunglasses and Contact Lenses

Dr. Weitzman, O.D.  specializes in disposable contacts, prescription sunglasses and eye glasses.  If you require prescription lenses Dr. Weitzman, O.D.  strongly recommend purchasing a second pair of eyeglasses: prescription sunglasses.  The best solution when you want clear, comfortable vision outdoors or when you’re driving on a sunny day. Prescription sunglasses eliminate glare and the need for squinting in bright conditions, which can reduce vision and cause eye strain. Click here for a great article on sunglasses.

Your eye health and comfort is very important to us at Sorrento Valley Optometry.  Dr. Weitzman, O.D. and his team can help fit you for disposable contact lenses.  Contact lenses provide greater convenience and more satisfying vision correction than prescription eyeglasses. Here’s what’s involved in a typical contact lens exam and fitting click here.

Click here to read a full array of eye care health and technology articles.

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